A Stained Glass Window

Client: Personal CommissionIllustrationRandom

In a slight departure from Cuppa Digital’s usual areas of expertise, I was commissioned to design a piece of stained glass for an arched window in a residential property.

Before attempting any actual concepts I worked with the client to identify the fundamental design principles they wanted to see in the finished product. Through an exploration of existing stained glass windows and a series of simple questions, we established that the design should feature:

  • A contemporary style
  • A combination of straight and curved lines
  • Abstract shapes, rather than recognisable motifs
  • Predominantly uncoloured glass, with small areas of blue and green
  • An asymmetrical design

Armed with this information and some research into the construction and styling of stained glass windows, I began to work on a design loosely based on the golden ratio and the art-deco movement. I also thought it would be interesting to incorporate stylised versions of the initials of my clients (a ‘D’ and a ‘P’) in the window, though not in a way that would be immediately obvious.

After a process of design and refinement in consultation with the client we arrived at the concept below, alongside the finished window. The design is to-scale and was delivered in a selection of potential colour schemes.