UMG Newsletter CMS

Client: Universal Music UKCodingWordpress

Universal Music UK send regular email newsletters to fans of their artists, which include contributions from Island Records, Polydor, Virgin EMI and Decca. Collecting this content from across the organisation and building it into a single HTML newsletter was proving to be a time-consuming and specialist task, so Cuppa Digital was asked to design and build a software solution.

The result is a comprehensive and user-friendly custom CMS, which allows each label to log-in and upload their own newsletter content under a variety of categories, e.g. Top Tracks, News, Competition, Video etc. They are also able to view (but not edit) submissions from other labels.

A separate administration interface then enables the Universal Music UK eCRM Team to view and edit content submitted by the labels and compile this into a single HTML email for broadcast to their fans. A simple system of dropdown menus provides full control over layout, removing any need for coding.

At the request of UMG content storage for the CMS is provided by WordPress. Cuppa Digital also worked to ensure that any necessary future adjustments e.g. new sections or design changes, can be easily implemented.